WILD THINGS (with credits)

 Everything in the wilderness is just as natural as the way the grass grows, and that's the whole thing about sexuality - it's meant to be natural. For this reason, I encourage everyone to love one another for who they are.   You can't control who you love or how you feel. You can't fight the forces of nature.  "Wild Things" is about exactly that. I hope that one day, we could just go with our hearts and not have to worry about what others think, that we could embrace one another for who they ar

My Mantra

 A life is well lived if you believe in three things: karma, hard work and rock and roll. 

My Music

 I'm influenced by almost everything and everyone in life and use music as a form of expression, and the tales I tell are derived from the people I meet, the things I go through, the things that I see and believe in.   

My Genre

My music is a twist of indie/alternative, blues, R&B, jazz and pop rock. 


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