A life is well lived if you believe in three things: karma, balance and rock and roll

Humanitarian achievements


Ria receives the Kelty Champion of Wellness Award and the Dan Hamhuis Hammers Hero Award

By sharing her story, Ria continues to inspire others to stay strong and to provide a voice for those who are unable to speak out and get help.  (Click to view the video.)

Ria shares her story at Kidsplay Foundation for Amanda Todd Legacy

Ria shares her message and story as she attended the Kidsplay Foundation Anti-Bullying Forum on Feb. 8, 2017 at the Bell Performing Arts Centre in Surrey BC, representing the Amanda Todd Legacy Society.  (Click to watch the video.)

Ria gets recognized as a BU Hero

Ria Jade is an amazing inspiration due to overcoming serious incidents in regards to bullying, such serious levels that it has developed anxiety and panic attacks. Ria overcame through pursuing her love for singing and songwriting, when Ria is on stage she is truly free, and where she deserves to be.  (Click to read the full article)

Snowflakes spreads its message about mental health

 So in support of World Mental Health Day (October 10) I decided to do something special because this is a cause that is very close to my heart. I battled anorexia for two years and more importantly have been dealing with anxiety since I was a kid that worsened two years ago and is something I still struggle with to this day. What made me stronger was not only the love I received from my friends and family, but the fact that I was not alone. With this music video, I hope that I can touch the lives of others and inspire them to stay strong and be open about themselves, and most of all know that they are not alone and that help is always there. (Click to view the video.)

Paint It Purple

Ria founded this movement in support of mental health and issues that are urgently affected by it such as the LGBTQ, feminism and empowerment. 

(Click here to be directed to Paint It Purple.)