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February 16, 2020

Good Bad Decisions goes UNDER THE RADAR of The Permanent Rain Press!

Natalie Dee, The Permanent Rain Press

 The new single from Ria Jade is bold in every sense of the word. In-your-face drums push the rollicking song forward, Jade’s voice sultry as it cruises through the verses, hitting impressive heights in the chorus. The full-fledged guitar riffs are packed full of attitude as Jade gasses herself up, but as much as the song is about her own confidence in herself, it’s also a bit of a stab at an ex—there’s a certain vindictive streak in the lyrics, “I wanna break your heart / I wanna make you cry / Gonna make you wish that you were mine.” 



February 16 2020

- Lisa Wartur, CEO and Publicist,  Noodlehead Productions PR

Reminiscent of Carrie Underwood's Chart-Topping Hit "Before He Cheats"

 " Her hot new release “Good Bad Decisions” is high-energy, emotionally-rich, passionate pop-rock at its absolute best, with a touch of raunchy-revenge-country-crossover reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s chart-topping hit “Before He Cheats.”   

 " With its riveting rhythmic beat, masterful melody, driving guitar riffs and catchy chorus, its intoxicating hook will have you playing it over and over again. Consistent with Ria’s past releases, the song’s lyrics are highly relatable…anyone who has ridden the roller coaster of a romantic relationship can empathize. Although she knows it may be a bad decision, it feels good and much too satisfying to stop:    Maybe now it’s time for good bad decisions Show you what you’ve been missing I’m gonna make you cry, cry, cry

Ria Jade: "Good Bad Decisions" (Exclusive Interview)



January 26 2020

" The meaning behind an art piece, in my opinion, is all in the eye of the beholder, or rather, the ears of the beholder. While some may see this song as a sweet, upbeat story of a scorned, vengeful lover, I see this song as self empowerment after a fallout in the form of success. "  Click here for the full interview.



January 2020 Issue (Vol 08) California, USA

 STYLÉCRUZE is a collection of beautiful images from around the globe that is constantly updating for regular fashion photography and styling inspiration. The magazine reached international print distribution, and currently thrives in its digital + print format. STYLÉCRUZE is a print fashion magazine, featuring both up-and-coming and established talent in the fashion industry. 



The Permanent Rain Press UNDER THE RADAR: SEPTEMBER 2019

 On her new music, Sage:   Tender vocals and sweet melodies. This acoustic, heartfelt song is about moving on from negative events and relationships of our past. “Sage” is a song Ria has been holding onto for some time now, but has finally chosen to let the world hear it, and I can confidently say that it was a fantastic choice. Her lyrics are relatable, yet so clearly personal; whether you are trying to get over a past relationship, or simply want a clean slate, this song will definitely move you. The lyrics, “I don’t wanna guide her ghost around no more / I’ve been burning sage but she’s breaking down these doors,” resonated with me.  Liz Douglas, The Permanent Rain Press.  View full article here.  

Vancouver Musician Ria Jade Finds Beauty in the Broken With Her New Release SAGE

 Broadway World, September 12 2019 -  Ria Jade, one of Vancouver's most renowned and inspiring singers, songwriters and musicians, is excited to announce her newest original release, SAGE.   See full article here. 

Vancouver Musician Ria Jade Finds Beauty in the Broken With Her New Release SAGE


Noodlehead Productions PR,  September 6, 2019, Vancouver, BC - Ria Jade, one of Vancouver's most renowned and inspiring singers, songwriters and musicians, is excited to announce her newest original release, SAGE. Ria is also the co-founder and original host ofeveRIAthing, a television talk show that features performers and guests with inspiring stories. The show is solely produced by the eveRIAthing Network.  (Read the full article here)

Click here to listen to 'Sage' on Spotify.



The Permanent Rain Press, Chloe Hoy, Feb 13 2019.  Ria Jade has released her latest single, “Wild Things.” Marking a return to music for the Vancouver artist, her voice has never lost its spark, using the track’s narrative to bring light to (and showcase) LGBTQ acceptance. The upbeat alt-pop track has plenty of punch, a modernized retro sound that wouldn’t sound out of place on a jukebox spin – it helps that the music video is set in a local Kitsilano diner.  (Read the full article here.)


Ria Jade with Kids Dream Big Media by Malcolm Parry, Town Talk, Vancouver Sun

DREAM ON: “The road doesn’t always have to come to a dark end,” said 19-year-old singer-songwriter Ria Jade who endured eating disorders and severe anxiety en route to hosting Shaw’s third-season eveRIAthing TV program. Youngsters who appear on the show competed in the second annual Wall of Stars concert that Jade presented at the Rio theatre recently. Of that generation, “We can change the world one dream at a time,” she said.  2016